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BIM Association of Nepal(BIMAN)

BIM Association of Nepal(BIMAN) is a registered non-profitable, non-governmental, non-political social organization operated by the students related to the course Bachelor of Information Management(BIM) established in 2076 BS(2020 A.D).

This organization has the motive to connect different undergraduate and graduate students under the same umbrella organization. Also, It has intended to bridge a gap between students, colleges, and universities.

BIM also aims to help the development of different interpersonal skills of affiliated members through various sorts of programs.


  • To gather skilled manpower associated with Information Management into a single platform.
  • To cooperate with concerned authorities for the resolvement of different issues related to the BIM program.
  • To assist to reduce and solve the problem of BIM students.
  • To organize different growth-related events for the associate members.
  • To act as a bridge between students, College, and university.
  • To collaborate with different corporate sectors for the benefits program of members.

Organizational Structure

BIMAN is an officially registered organization under the Organization Registration Act 2034. It has got its organization Constitution that defines its procedure of work along with its organizational Structure. The organization structure defined by BIMAN’s organization constitution defines the Executive Committee as a superior control body that may further have different organizational sub-bodies.

Founding Members

Suraj Bhattarai


Arbind Mandal

(Vice President)

Suman Paudel

(General Secretary)

Rishi Khanal


Manjari Paudel


Bimarsh Pant

(Executive Member)

Roshan Sapkota

(Executive Member)

Eliza Shrestha

(Executive Member)

Nabina Shrestha

(Executive Member)

Hari Rijal

(Executive Member)

Sarthak Shrestha

(Executive Member)

Membership Structure

BIMAN has defined four types of membership according to the organization’s constitution that may be further divided into membership subcategories. The membership types defined by the organization’s constitution are as follows:

1. General Membership: This is the general membership that is provided to the person who meets defined criteria for the membership. The General Membership consists of three types:

a. College Representative: The college representative shall be selected from every college consisting of two members representing each college.

b. Active Membership: This membership shall be provided to every person who wants to participate in various activities of BIMAN.

c. General Membership: This membership shall be provided to every undergraduate person or graduate enrolled in the BIM course.

2. Founder Member: It consists of members who were involved as members at the time of the establishment of the organization and were nominated from the BIM student meetup.

3. Lifetime Membership: This type of membership shall be provided to the person who helped for the growth and development of the organization and completion of the procedure to collect lifetime membership.

4. Complimentary Membership: This membership shall be provided to the person as an honor for his/her good deeds and should be a Nepali citizen. This type of Membership does not have any voting rights under the organizational procedure.

BIM College
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Actvie Members
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